MAGNET Field: Receiver Management (Receiver Update)

How to load GNSS Firmware using MAGNET Field Receiver Management

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MAGNET Field: Receiver Management (Receiver Update)

About Receiver Management

Receiver Management displays information about a GNSS receiver and provides a user interface to perform specific tasks

  • Receiver Management is comprised of three modules
    • Receiver Information
    • Receiver OAF
    • Receiver Update

Accessing Receiver Management

  • To access Receiver Management from the MAGNET Field Home screen, Click the Setup icon

About Receiver Update

  • This dialog allows the user to upload GNSS firmware to a receiver
  • Firmware can be updated using a physical COM port, Bluetooth, or high speed wireless connection via Wi-Fi
  • Note: Use Wi-Fi for loading new firmware to Net-G5 and HiPer HR receivers

Note: receiver GNSS Frimware can be downloaded from the myTopcon product page for the receiver being used

Using Receiver Management

  • Click on Receiver Update
  • The dialog displays the following information about the GNSS receiver: Board model, Board version, receiver ID and receiver Hardware version.
  • Click the FW Upload button


  • Navigate to the location of the firmware files on your controller


  • Click the firmware folder
  • Select the required format of the firmware file in the Type field of the Select Path dialog:
    • ldp Files (*.ldp) format for all Topcon GNSS receivers, except for Net-G5 and HiPer HR;
    • tfi Files (*.tfi) format for Net-G5 and HiPer HR only.
  • Select the required firmware file:
    • main.ldp for all Topcon GNSS receiver, except for Net-G5 and HiPer HR;
    • timage_gnss*.tfi) for Net-G5 and HiPer HR only.
  • Click the green check mark to start uploading the selected file to the receiver.


  • Click the Yes button to start the update



  • The firmware process will begin
  • The duration of the update process varies between receiver models
  • When the firmware file is uploaded to the receiver successfully, MAGNET Field displays the following message: "Receiver will reset and start update".
  • Click the Close button. 
  • The firmware has now been loaded