MAGNET Field: Stake Map view with instrument reference

How to display instrument position and reference in Stake Map view

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MAGNET Field: Stake Map view with instrument reference

Set Map properties

From the Home Menu, click the Map icon.

Click the triangle to expand the drawing toolbar.

Click the Map Properties icon.

Click the Entities tab.

Select Icons to show your instrument location.

Select any other items you want to see in your map.

Click the green check mark in the upper left corner of the window to save the settings and return to the Home Menu.



After performing your backsite setup, return to the Home Menu. 

Click the Stake icon.

Select an object to stake.

For this example, stake Points will be used.

Input a Point to be staked manually or select a Point from the Map or List icons.

Click Stake.

Click the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Click Map.

The instrument is displayed showing the backsite orientation as a red line.

The green line indicates the direction to the point you are staking.


Click an empty box at the bottom left and right of the screen to assign stakeout values to be displayed.

The Select Stakeout Value menu will open.

Click an item to display from the list.

The selected stakeout value is now displayed.

Repeat for each available stakeout value box to customize your display.

The custom display items are shown and updated as you move toward the stakeout point.

The point will be highlighted in green as you become closer to the correct position.