MAGNET Field: Using the Help Menu

Using the Help Menu in MAGNET Field

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MAGNET Field: Using the Help Menu

Accessing the Help Menu

To assist users, MAGNET Field includes help files which provide general information and instructions on using the application.

The Options button

To open Help files, do the following:

  • Click the Options button which is the M icon in the upper left corner of the display.
  • This feature provides access to help files and options that are specific to the currently open screen.

Every screen and dialog box in MAGNET Field has this icon in the top left corner. The menu, opened by clicking the icon, always contains the Help option and may contain some additional options specific to the current screen.

The Help Menu

When using the Help Menu from the home screen,

  • An Introduction for general information on MAGNET Field opens.
  • You will see the icons available on the home screen.
  • Click to open a dialogue box containing information about each specific function, or
  • Select a subject from the collapsible Contents list.

Search example

Select Configure.

The page now displays the functions available within the Configure menu.

Units menu

Select Units.

In this menu, you can select and change the unit settings for each of the available tabs.

Select the Options button  for help specific to Units.

You can now access the Help files available for Unit settings.

Close the Help file and make any changes needed.

Click  in the upper right corner of the display to accept the changes.