Sitelink 3D: Creating As-Built Layers

This guide discusses the creation of As-Built Layers in Sitelink3D.

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Sitelink 3D: Creating As-Built Layers

What Are As-Built Layers?

  • As-built layers are where the data recorded from the machines is stored.
  • This data can be sorted, filtered and processed to generate reports using Sitelink3D Enterprise.
  • There are different kinds of as-built layers for different machine applications.

Configure As-Built Site Settings

  • Each site created on Sitelink3D needs to have the cell size range defined.
  • The default is medium cell. It is suitable for most job sites.
  • This page only appears the first time you go to As-Built Layers for each site. It cannot be changed once selected.

Adding a Default Layer

  • Every site needs to have a default as-built layer created. ONLY USE THE DEFAULT TEMPLATE FOR THE DEFAULT LAYER.
  • The default layers records all as-built data throughout the life of the site.
    • Use the cell size of 20x20cm.
    • Check the box for "Original Ground" if you have an existing ground survey and  you will be prompted to upload it after pressing Add New Layer. It can also be uploaded later at any time through Menu>Operations>Uploads.
  • Additional as-built layers can be added as needed 

Adding Additional As-Built Layers

  • In addition to the default as-built layer, other as-built layers should be added to the site.
    • Bulk Earth Works: records elevation, cut, fill and passcount data. Suitable for excavators, graders, dozers, haul trucks, scrapers etc.
    • Paving: records elevation, passcount, density and temperature data. This layer is REQUIRED if using Intelligent Compaction.
  • Use the cell-size of 20x20cm.