Topcon ContextCapture Editor: Working with a Mouse

What are the correct mouse clicks and where can I configure the mouse. 

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Topcon ContextCapture Editor: Working with a Mouse

The DATA button (left mouse button) is used to:

  • Select icons, menus, or graphic elements.
  • Confirm a selection (i.e., OK a confirmation to delete a file).
  • Create a selection set with an element or elements (more about this later).
  • To enter a data point
    • Position the pointer on the desired location. 
    • Click the Data (left) button on the mouse.

The TENTATIVE button (middle mouse button or wheel) is used to:

  • Snap to a point (key point, midpoint, etc).
  • Reference a point (key point, midpoint, etc) on an existing element for the purpose of typing in a value to be measured from that point.

The RESET button (right mouse button) is used to:

  • Reject a selection if another element is in the same proximity (selection will toggle through all of the elements within close range).
  • Cancel or terminate a command in progress.
  • Allows you to repeat the last command activated (i.e., place line).


  • Resetting in ContextCapture Editor is similar to using the <esc> key in other applications.  Resetting will “back you out” of most ContextCapture Editor operations that have several steps. For example, if you use your View controls to zoom in, doing a reset (or 2) will back you out of the View controls and back to the tool you were previously using.

To Reset

  • Click the Reset button (right mouse button).

Remapping Mouse

The preset defaults may not be appropriate for your mouse.

  • In ContextCapture Editor go to File
  • Select Settings
  • Then User
  • Finally Button Assignments
  • Select Remap Buttons
  • Set Tentative button to Middle Botton by clicking on the word “Tentative”, and hover your mouse over the Button Definition Area.  Click the middle mouse button. The definition for Tentative will change to “Middle Button”. Click OK