MAGNET Collage: Creating and viewing panoramas from the GTL-1000

This article covers how to create and view panoramas in MAGNET Collage captured by the GTL-1000.

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MAGNET Collage: Creating and viewing panoramas from the GTL-1000

Creating a panorama in MAGNET Collage

  1. Right-click on the project name, and select Process Scans and Images.
  1. In the Stitch Panoramas section, click the Start button.
  1. After the panoramas are stitched together, the user will see blue spheres appear at the scan sites.
  1. Double-click on one of the blue spheres. MAGNET Collage will take the viewer into a panoramic view.
  1. To change the transparency of the point cloud, right-click on the scan project name, and click Edit Color Range.
  1. Use the Transparency slider to decrease the transparency.
  1. The panoramic view overlays the two images inside the 3D sphere. Since the pictures and the laser beam originate from different points on the scanner, sometimes there is an offset between an object in the point cloud and where it appears in the image. The user can adjust the panoramic view on a desired area by double-clicking a scan point while holding down the Alt key.

The screenshot below shows the before and after.

  1. To exit the panoramic view, click Swap Panorama.