3D-MC: Basic Training - Weekly Maintenance Excavator

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3D-MC: Basic Training - Weekly Maintenance Excavator


As the bucket teeth wear on the Excavator, a simple length adjustment is made.  This process requires the operator to navigate through the Machine builder to make the adjustment.

Machine Builder

  • Under the Control tab select the Machine setup option


Edit Machine

  • Under the Machine files screen, select the machine to edit.
  • Select the Edit button.

Access Excavator Attachments

  • Using the Next button scroll through the next several screens until the Excavator Attachments Screen appears.
    • Do not make any changes to any of the other screens, as this can affect other sensor calibrations, requiring the system to be completely recalibrated by a service technician.

Edit Attachment

  • ​After navigating to the Excavator Attachments screen, select the current bucket being used and press the Edit button.
  • Re-measure the length of the bucket from the Bucket pivot pin to the end of the bucket tooth.
  • Enter the new length and press next
  • Using a plumb bob, move the bucket until it is vertical.
  • Press Next
  • Position the bucket flat on the ground and press the Finish button.
    • ​​It is not critical to have the bucket perfectly flat, as this step is for a visual reference on the display.
  • Selecting next will complete the calibration.
    • Depending on the machine’s configuration, there may be additional screens after this one.  Simply continue to select next until Configuration Complete appears.
    • If cancel or back is selected and the Configuration Complete screen does not appear, changes will not be saved.