DynaRoad: Control

Using DynaRoad's Control module for the following activities:

  • Import data from machine control
  • Add progress for tasks
  • Project forecasting
  • Control reports


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DynaRoad: Control

Import data from Topcon machine control resources

  • Requirements
    • Sitelink 3D Enterprise
    • HT-30 system on haul trucks
  • Select the Project ribbon
  • Select Haul import properties
  • Select Configure Sitelink3D to create import properties


Add progress for tasks

  • Select the Home ribbon
  • Select Control mode
  • Right-click on a task
  • Select Edit actuals
  • Select Add actual…
  • Enter Quantity
  • Select the Source type
  • Select the start and end dates
  • Select OK
  • Select Add actual haul…
  • Repeat Add actual… for multiple quantities


Project forecasting

  • Select Time-location view
    • Solid line = scheduled
    • Dotted line = actuals
  • Right-click a task
  • Select Show forecast
    • Dashed line = forecast
    • Forecasts will not show until actuals have been entered


  • Select the Home ribbon
  • Select Reports
  • Select the report to view
  • Sample Reports in Control mode:
    • Actual weekly report
    • Actual mass flow report
    • Completion degree report