Falcon 8 UAS GeoEXPERT: Basic Training - Package Check

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Falcon 8 UAS GeoEXPERT: Basic Training - Package Check

Package Check

  • Overview
    • The Falcon 8 is a rotary-wing UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) designed for survey and mapping or inspection and monitoring applications.
    • The GeoEXPERT package is a solution specifically designed for small mapping. With the ability to collect high resolution, geo-referenced aerial imagery, this data can then be processed to create orthophotos and 3D models to offer a complement to conventional surveying and mapping methods. 
    • This package comes with licenses for photo collection and survey flight planning.  It also includes Sony Alpha 7R payload.


Falcon 8 UAS- GeoExpert UAS FCC

Feature Package       Description                             Packges Inlcuded

Photo package               *Waypoints/Paths                                 yes                                                   *Panaramas                                                                                                 *Circle of Interest (COI)                                                   


Survey Pacakge         *Flight Planning w/ ASCTec Navigator          yes                                                   *Quick Survey with MGS                                                                               

Ind. Cam. Ctrl Pack. *Two person oper. via gamepad     Opt'l add-on/ upgrade


Video Package          *Video Mode                               Opt'l add-on/upgrade                                   *Point of Interest (POI)                                                                                 *One-hand camera control                                                                             *Cable-cam Mode