GT Series: Offline firmware update

Performing firmware updates is part of maintaining field equipment. This step-by-step guide shows you how to update firmware on the GT Series. 

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GT Series: Offline firmware update

Where to find instrument updates

These instructions apply to the following GT instruments:

  • GT-1200/600
  • GT-1000/500
  • GT-500V

Firmware updates for the GT series instruments will be found on myTopcon here.

Download the file to your PC.

Once downloaded, click on the down arrow to the right of the file name, and click Show in folder.

Right-click on the file, and click on Extract Here to unzip the file.

Copy the installer to an empty USB drive.

Open the external interface hatch, and insert the USB flash drive into the USB port 1.

With the instrument powered off, hold down the purple a button and the light button. While holding these two buttons, press the power button.

The GT should boot up in Update Mode. 

Wait for the GT to go through the updates. Once finished, remove the USB and power on as usual.