MAGNET Construct: Receiver management

This article is about receiver management tools in MAGNET Construct.

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MAGNET Construct: Receiver management

Options available in MAGNET Construct to manage your GNSS receiver include:

  • File manager
  • OAF
  • Firmware loading
  • Recovery and power settings

From the Setup menu, select Manage Receiver.

The File Manager menu displays all raw data files stored on the receiver.

The OAF option allows the user to view the status of the current OAF and to upload a new OAF if required.

The Firmware Update menu allows the user to update firmware in the same way as TRU.

The firmware files need to be copied locally to the device in advance.

As with TRU, the first screen confirms the current information.

Browse to the folder location, and select the files to load.

The Recovery option allows the upload of recovery/firmware in two file formats. Browse for either

  • Loader Image (*ldr)
  • Flash Image (*.ldp)

Power Settings allows the user to restart or power off the receiver or to reset the parameters or do a factory reset.