MAGNET Field: Creating a Field Code Library

How to create custom codes for points, lines and areas. It will also explain how to export a code library as a *.XML file.

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MAGNET Field: Creating a Field Code Library

Creating Field Codes

  • From MAGNET Home screen select Edit

  • Select Codes

  • Select Add to create a new code


MAGNET usually ships with a default global code library which will show up in this window. You can use, edit, and delete these codes, or create custom ones like shown here

  • Enter a Name for the code
  • Enter a Description
  • Specify the code Type
    • Point (example)
    • Line
    • Area
  • Assing an existing Layer to the code or create a new one by selecting the Ellipsis
  • Select Add in the Layer window
  • Enter a Name for the new layer
  • Select the Style tab to specify the appearance of the layer´s objects
  • Select on of the predefined Point Styles to change the style of the point

  • Select Color to change the color settings of the layer

  • Assign your created Layer to the code
  • Make sure Style is set to <By Layer>

  • Select the green checkmark to exit the code creation

  • Countinue creating codes until you match all your project needs   

Exporting a Code Library

  • From MAGNET Home screen select Exchange

  • Select To File

  • Select Code Library as Data type

  • Set Topcon XML (*.xml) as Format

  • Browse to a user defined path or use the default path for MAGNET code libraries

  • Assign a Name to the library

  • Select the green checkmark to finish the export


Depending on your computer setup and access rights you might need to export the *.xml to the Desktop and manually drag it into the default path