MAGNET Field: How to show the stakeout compass

This article explains how to open the stakeout setting, edit the distance tolerance, and show the compass.

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MAGNET Field: How to show the stakeout compass

Open the stakeout setting

Click Stake on the home screen.

Click Points.

Click the gears icon.

Set the compass

Input any value in the Horizontal Distance Tolerance and Vertical Distance Tolerance fields.

Select an item in the Compass Orientation drop-down list.

Click the green check mark to save.

Change the upper left category to Design Point.

Select a point to stake from the Map view or the Points list.

Click Stake.

Show the compass

When selecting Normal or Map, the compass is shown.

The value of arrows are shown in the distance from the point.

When the distance is within the tolerance, the red circle will change to green.