MAGNET Field: Traverse Collection Procedure

Field procedure to collect a Traverse using MAGNET field software.

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MAGNET Field: Traverse Collection Procedure

Sideshot Collection for Traverse:

  • Occupy a point with the total station, point 1
  • Orient instrument on Backsight, point 2
  • Observe Foresight, by measuring the point in the Topo routine, point 3
  • Occupy point 3, Backsight point 1


To help save you time, make sure to store the Backsight observation and this point should be the last leg of your traverse.

  • Foresight point 4
  • Occupy point 4, Backsight point 3
  • To start closure procedure and to be able to perform a Compass Rule, change point number in the Normal view to point 2
  •  Foresight point 2 and store observation on point 2 as a check shot
  • To store a check shot, type the point number, in this case point 2, and when Point Check screen appears select the 3rd option “Store as check point” and select checkmark button
  • Occupy point 2, Backsight point 4
  • To continue with closure procedure and to do be able to do an Angle Balance, change the point number in the Normal view to point 1
  • Foresight point 1, and proceed to store point 1 as a “Check shot”
  • The Traverse will be recognized by MAGNET and it can be adjusted.


Traverse additional info

  • If required, MAGNET Field optimizes the process to jump ahead and set the information as necessary for the next Backsight.
  • Simply click the M icon on the top left & select Measure | Traverse