MAGNET Field: Troubleshooting a network RTK rover

This quick guide shows you the steps for troubleshooting a network RTK rover in MAGNET Field. This is for users in the field who are having trouble connecting a rover to a GNSS network such as Topnet Live.

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MAGNET Field: Troubleshooting a network RTK rover

Does not support TILT functionality

When the message Connected receiver does not support TILT functionality appears, this means the user’s receiver does not have the OAF option for the TILT function.

Contact to request the part number to add TILT.

To remove the tilt error, the user must go back into their configuration to turn off the eLevel and Tilt Correction Limit.

Invalid NTRIP username

When the error message Invalid NTRIP username appears, this means the username is incorrect.

If you are unsure of your Topnet credentials, please contact your local Topcon dealer. 

Invalid NTRIP password

When the Invalid NTRIP password appears, this means the password has been inputted incorrectly.

Make sure you don’t accidentally have caps on or are missing an extra character.

Out of zone

The Out of zone message may appear for the following reasons:

  • The user might be in an area that is not covered by their subscription. For example, if the user has a Realpoint Southeast 12 Months Geo, this subscription will not work if the user is in California.
  • Another reason why the Out of zone message might appear is because the Automatic Rover Pos is not checked.
  • This sends the NTRIP server the rover’s GGA position so it can pinpoint the user’s location.

Loss of internet

Network RTK relies on a stable internet connection through the controller or the receiver to receive corrections.

The internet essentially acts as the radio.

If the internet connection is lost, after 10 seconds of no corrections, the rover will go into Float status. After 60 seconds, the receiver will go into Autonomous.

Another way to look for this is by going to Setup > Status and clicking on the System tab.

If the radio link is below 90%, this can indicate a poor connection.

If the RTK-Age continues to count up, this means the receiver has not received corrections.

Restoring the internet connection will allow the receiver to get a fix.