The Topcon FC-500 data controller is designed for the construction professional operating the Topcon MAGNET™ Field and Field Layout software, as well as Topcon’s Pocket 3D.  The FC-500 has an optional 3.5G cell modem that provides access to MAGNET Enterprise for sending and receiving data files.

MAGNET Field and MAGNET Field Layout supported devices:

As the field software grows in features and capabilities, the importance of having a modern operating system and field device are key for high performance. For this reason, Version 6.2 of MAGNET Field and MAGNET Field Layout will be the last feature/improvement release on the Windows Mobile operating system Field Controllers (FC-500). Topcon will continue to maintain the V6.2 software for Windows Mobile to include the latest instruments and bug fixes for an additional year after launch.

Please contact your local Topcon representative to discuss your options.

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