MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Dashboard

Understanding Project Dashboard within MAGNET Enterprise's Project Manager​

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MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Dashboard


The Project Dashboard provides an up-to-date summary of the project health and status. The dashboard contains the following four sections.

Cost and Completion Summary

  • Health and Status Gauges
  • Calendar
  • Timecard

Cost and Completion Summary

The Cost and Completion Summary contains macro information and is located at the top right of the dashboard. Use this to see the proposal estimate, scheduled start date, cost to date, and scheduled completion date.

Health and Status Gauges

The Health and Status Gauges answer two frequently asked questions – “How far along are we?” and “Are we making money?” The Health needle can point to one of four color coded segments.

Grey = No data. This means no timecards have been submitted yet so no project analysis can be performed.

Red = Loss. This means your costs, based on your break even rates, exceed your estimate and this project is losing money.

Yellow = Break Even. The boundary between red and yellow represents your Break Even Rate. In the yellow zone you are not losing money but are not making your Charge Rate.

Green = Profit. The boundary between yellow and green represents your Charge Rate. If the needle is in the green zone you are making your charge rate. The further in the green the more profit.


The Timecard shows the staff members assigned to the project and how much time they have charged to the project. You can also click on the Schedule icon to go to each staff member’s schedule.


The Calendar shows days in blue that have activity scheduled for this project. Click on a day in the calendar to go to the schedule for that day. You can also go back and ahead in the calendar to review past schedules or look at future schedules.