MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Proposals

Understanding Project Proposals within MAGNET Enterprise's Project Manager​​

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MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Proposals


Use this to prepare a cost estimate for a project. You can create more than one proposal per project, but one proposal needs to be set “Active”, denoted by the green checkmark. This is the proposal that will be used by Project Manager for scheduling and project tracking. Proposals can also be saved as templates for use in creating future proposals.


A proposal consists of a set of tasks to be performed. As tasks are added to the proposal or modified the estimate in days and money is updated to show the current bottom line. In Project Manager tasks have the following attributes.

Name – Descriptive task name
Quantity – Number of units required to complete the task
Unit – Amount of work required, for example “Days” or “Kilometers”
Production Rate – If the unit is not “Days” the Production Rate is required to convert to “Days”. An example is a task that requires 10 Km of staking. If you can stake 2 Km/Day that is your Production Rate. Project Manager will then convert this to 5 Days for its internal tracking.
Charge Rate – Your normal rate for performing a task
Break Even Rate – Your rate below which you lose money
Estimate – Your cost estimate to perform the task. Estimate = Quantity x Charge Rate
Dependencies – Any tasks that must be completed before starting this task

New tasks can be added to the proposal at any time. Tasks may also be removed at any time but any data associated with this task will be removed from the Project Manager.