MAGNET Field: Create a New Job

How to properly create a new job in MAGNET Field 

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MAGNET Field: Create a New Job

Access Job Menu

  • Select Job >> New Job

Name New Job

  • Give the job a Name
  • Enter name or initials (optional)
  • Enter any job comments (optional)
  • Select Next

Select Equipment Configuration

  • Confirm proper configurations are active, or Select from Library
  • Checkmark Hybrid Positioning
  • Select Next

Configure Coordinate System

This exercise is going to use a projection and geoid for the coordinate system.

  • To add a projection to the drop down select "..." button       
  • Under the pre-defined window navigate to the desired projection and select
  • Select the down-arrow button to move the selected projection to the Active window
  • Select green checkmark button to return to previous screen
  • Choose the projection from the drop down
  • Choose the desired datum

Configure Geoid

  • Select "..." button to add a geoid model to the drop down list
  • Select Add                
  • Choose the format for the geoid file
  • Select Browse to navigate to the geoid files
  • Choose the desired geoid file and select green checkmark button three times (3x)
  • Select the added geoid model from the drop down list
  • Select Next

Configure Job Units

  • Choose desired units and precisions for various data types
  • Select Next

Display Options

  • Select desired Coord Type to display
  • Choose desired Coord Order to display
  • Select green checkmark button to save configuration and open the created job