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Combine all design discipline models together to one combined model

MAGNET Explorer is not a standalone product. It can be part of MAGNET Site, MAGNET Construction, or MAGNET Project.

MAGNET Explorer is a CAD-independent tool for managing data models. It imports open data model standards like LandXML and IFC. It also imports models created with MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk, which is a way to directly import Civil3D designs, or models created from 2D design drawings or mapping/GIS data.

The main focus in MAGNET Explorer is to combine all design discipline models together so that the project can be handled as one combined model. With a combined model, it is possible to analyze a project, make automatic clash detection, and simulate the construction process with 5D simulation tools. One integral part of MAGNET Explorer is the collaboration that allows users to document topics in the model and share them with each other. With all the project data in one model (collaboration, analysis, and simulation), users can manage complex projects and achieve results like errorless designs, continuous production, and, of course, time and cost savings.

Note: Full MAGNET software manuals are published as part of the software installation, and can be found via the Help menu.

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