Scalable GNSS board with VISOR Heading and RTK Positioning

The compact OEM-1 GNSS receiver board uses proven Paradigm G3 technology to provide high accuracy heading determination simultaneously with centimeter-level RTK positioning in challenging environments. Low power consumption, comprehensive communication interfaces and peripheral support make the OEM-1 extremely flexible and easy to integrate into any precise positioning application. The OEM-1 is also electrically and mechanically compatible with other 60x100mm OEM boards, allowing a quick and easy retrofit to a superior Topcon positioning engine.

  • Industry standard 60 x 100mm form factor and connectivity
  • Simultaneous RTK positioning and heading determination at 100 Hz data rate
  • 72 universal channels dual-frequency L1/L2 code/carrier GPS/GLONASS and SBAS tracking
  • Superior hot start initialization and re-acquisition
  • Low power consumption
  • Diverse set of interfaces available through a single connector for effective data exchange.
  • Quartz Lock Loop (QLL) for continuous operation under intense vibration and shock
  • Scalable performance via software option authorization (OAF)

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