3D-MC: GX-55 / GX-75 - Basic overview options

Learn about 3D-MC bacic menu options overview

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3D-MC: GX-55 / GX-75 - Basic overview options

GX-55/GX-75 - Overview

  • Navigating through the GX-55/GX-75 is primarily done through the touch screen.
  • There are four soft keys that provide quick access to routing features.
  • The power button is used to power on/off the control box and to access additional menu options (tool bar).
  • The  + -  soft key buttons are used to zoom the main display screen.
  • The  >  soft key provides the operator with the ability to scroll through view options assisting in specialty applications.

3D-MC - Main Screen Overview

  • Within each of the four available menu (Tool Bar) options the operator or field technician will have access to a verity of additional options depending on the type of system being used. 
    • In the File menu you can manage and create data, create and edit layers, and select or deselect active surfaces or alignments.   
    • In the Control menu you can edit you machine builder and perform system calibrations along with some advance options. 
    • In the Tools menu you can configure you radios, collect and navigate to topographic points and lock or unlock functions.  
    • In the View menu you can configure several types of views and modify how the project information is displayed on the screen. 
  • Main Screen
    • The display varies, according to the selected files and display options.
  • Tool Bar
    • Icons for frequently used functions and pop-up menus.
  • Elevation Control Button
    • Display cut/fill readings and offsets.
  • Slope Control Button
    • Displays the slope of the blade.
  • Set Point Adjustment
    • The set point adjustment arrows allow the operator to adjust the amount of cut or fill.

Elevation Control Button

  • Elevation Control Button
    • The Elevation Control Button displays the cut/fill readings and the cut/fill offsets for the elevation of the blade or implement.
    • It also indicates the status of the connected sensor with graphics, informational messages, and colors.  An X through any of the graphic icons indicates a problem.
    • The information displayed is different, depending on the control application.
  • Set Point
    • The set Point value is the offset from the design elevation.  The operator can adjust this amount as they work down to sub grade or increase the value when placing base material.
  • Cut/Fill
    • The Cut/Fill value is how far the blade or implement is from design grade.  There is a default working window of .40, if the blade or implement is above or below this amount the system will not engage Automatics until it is within the default +/- .04

Slope Control Button

  • Slope Control Button
    • The Slope Control Button displays the slope of the blade and whether the system is in 3D or 2D mode. 
    • It also indicates the status of the connected sensors and blade slope with graphic and colors.
    • The information that displays will be different, depending on the control application.


  • Blade Slope
    • The blade graphic on the Slope Control Button will tilt depending on the slope of the design surface.
  • Design Cross
    • Displays the current cross slope of the design surface, perpendicular to the heading of the machine.
  • Type of Control
    • Displays the current control type.
  • Slope Control Button color
    • The background color indicates the sensor status.
      • Green indicates sensor status suitable for grading
      • Red indicates an error status and automatic control will be disabled