Agisoft Photogrammetric Software: Basic Training - Performing Measurements on the Model View

This section discussed how to peform measurements on processed UAS data in the 3-D Model view in Agisoft Photogrammetric kit for Topcon.

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Agisoft Photogrammetric Software: Basic Training - Performing Measurements on the Model View

Model View

  •  Agisoft Photogrammetric Kit for Topcon supports measuring of distances on the model, as well as of surface area and volume of the reconstructed 3D model. 
  • This is applicable for working in the Model view of the program window, both for analysis of Dense Point Cloud or of Mesh data. 
  • When working in the model view, all measurements are performed in 3D space, unlike measurements in Ortho view, which are planar.

To Measure Distance

  • Select the Ruler icon (shown in diagram outlined in red) from the Toolbar.
  • Click on a point of the model from which the  measurement should be started. 
  • Upon the second click within the model, the distance between the indicated points will be shown.  To complete the measurement, press the Esc key on the keyboard.
  • Note: Distances values are displayed in meters

To Measure Surface Area and Volume

  • First, a prerequisite for measuring a surface area or volume is to have a mesh generated. 
  • Next, it is necessary to remove all secondary faces, leaving only the area of interest to be calculated.  Begin with using any of the selection tools listed below to highlight the area of interest:
    • Rectangle Selection
    • Circle Selection
    • Free-Form Selection  ​

Crop Selection and Measure Volume

  • Once the area of interest is selected, use the Crop Selection button (shown in diagram oulined in red) on the toolbar to remove all but the selected surface.
  • Select Measure Area and Volume... Located under the Tools → Mesh menu from the main menu bar. 
  • The model surface area and/or volume will be displayed in the Measure Area and Volume dialog box. 
    • Surface area is measured in square meters.
    • Volume is measured in cubic meters.