GX-55 / GX-75: Power Connection and Mounting Options

Learn how to change the mounting options for the GX-55/75 control box.

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GX-55 / GX-75: Power Connection and Mounting Options

GX-55/GX-75 Connector

  • The Single connector on the back of the control box is common to the GX-55/GX-75.
  • The two control boxes can be interchanged between all Topcon 3D systems.

GX-55/GX-75 Mounting Options

  • The GX-55/GX-75 can be mounted utilizing the integrated Jaw mounting.
  • Topcon offers several options of mounting hardware depending on the specific machine type.
  • The mounting bracket “backpack” on the GX-55 can be rotated 180o allowing for the Jaw mount to be located on the right side of the Control box.
  • Topcon offers a RAM mount option for both the GX-55 and GX-75 which is typically found on excavators or custom installations.