IP-S3: Basic Training - Export

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IP-S3: Basic Training - Export

Exporting of Data in Mobile Master Office

  • Select the Export Run icon in the toolbar 
    • The “Export Run” dialog window will open
  • Specify the output destination folder, then select Add… under the “Format data” section to register the type of data and file format to be exported. 
  • Specify the coordinate system to be exported, then select OK to begin the export

Exporting of CAD Primitives in Mobile Master Office

  • Select the project run within the workspace section. 
  • Right-click the run and select Export CAD Primitives…
  • This will then open a new dialog window.
    • Set a file path for the data to be exported to.
    • Set the coordinate system desired to have the data exported in
    • Select the units
    • Click OK to confirm