MAGNET Field: Creating a custom projection

Learn how to use a custom projection in MAGNET Field.

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MAGNET Field: Creating a custom projection

Sometimes it is required to use a custom projection, or the projection you want to use is not included in MAGNET Field installation. 

This article describes how to set up a custom projection.

  Go to Configure > Coord Sys.

  Click on the three dots (...) in the projection line.

  Click Custom.

  Click Add.

Custom projection

Fill out the fields:

  • Name
  • Projection Type
  • Select a Datum from the list or click on the three dots (...) to create a custom datum.
  • Region: If no region is set it will be added to the global list.
  • Note: Enter a description.

Click Next.

Set parameters

Fill in some of the fields. (The fields that are showing depend on the chosen type in the previous step.)

  • Central Meridian: Enter the longtitude of the central meridian for the custom projection.
  • Enter the Scale.
  • Lat0/Lon0: Enter the origin of the central meridian for the custom projection.
  • False Easting/Northing of the origin for the custom projection.
    • (These constant values are added to all negative Eastings and Northings to get only positive values of Easting and Northing.)
  • Enter NorthLat and SouthLat bounding the area of the custom projection.
  • Enter AxisAzimuth for the custom projection.

Hit the green check mark to create the custom projection and add it to the projection list.


The custom projection can now be found in the set region.