MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 2 of 8) – Roads module workspace

How to effectively navigate through the Roads module in MAGNET Office

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MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 2 of 8) – Roads module workspace

Navigating the roads module

Once opened, the roads module will appear as a separate tab in MAGNET Office.

This view or workspace has three panes:

  • The top left is the horizontal alignment view or survey view.
  • The top right is the cross section view.
  • The bottom pane is the vertical alignment or profile view.

Clicking in each of these windows will change the name of the tab to the left of the Design tab at the top of the screen to either Alignment, CrossSection, or Profile.

Alignment (horizontal) menu

When clicking in the alignment view, the tab changes to Alignment and displays that menu. This allows the user to add, edit, or delete and is also the transfer interface back to the survey view in MAGNET Office.

Profile (vertical) menu

Click in the profile view, and the Profile tab and menu will appear.

The profile menu allows the user to add IPs (intersection points) by various methods.

In this menu you can modify the IPs, input vertical curves, raise and lower the design, and also produce reports.

CrossSection menu

Click in the cross section view, and the CrossSection tab and menu will appear.

The user can add surfaces (subgrades), specify a cross section stationing, calculate volumes by varying methods, and produce reports.

Design menu

The Design tab is always visible.

This menu allows creation and assignment of templates, super elevations, subgrades, pavements, and side slopes.

Plotting Menu

The Plotting tab allows a user to create default styles for profile and cross section settings, such as title block template, scale, annotations, etc. 

Library Menu

Options in the Library tab include reading and saving library files to the following folder:


These files are stored and editable for templates, super elevations, plot tables, etc.