3D milling: Dual mmGPS cutting head control settings

This quick guide is to show which settings to use in 3D-MC in the Cutting Head Control screen while 3D milling with dual mmGPS antennas.

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3D milling: Dual mmGPS cutting head control settings


There are certain settings to use in 3D-MC while 3D milling.

To access the Cutting Head Control screen, navigate to Control > Cutting Head Control.

Cutting Head Control

The recommended setting for cutting head control when running dual mmGPS applications is Cutting Head Control Turned Off. This will take the surface elevation directly under the vibe pole for best elevation control.

Since there are two receivers, the elevation for both receivers will be used to make a correction. 

Ensure Lock Elevation Offsets is unchecked to allow the surface elevation left/right offset to be controlled individually with increment/decrement.

When this is checked, both sides of the machine elevation offsets will go up or down simultaneously when the operator uses increment/decrement.

Below are examples of what the Lock Elevation Offsets option does to your elevation offset.

In Figure 1, Lock Elevation Offsets is checked. When increment is selected, on either side, the elevation offset is applied to both sides all of the time.

In Figure 2, Lock Elevation Offsets is unchecked. You can see that the offsets no longer match. The desired elevation offset for the left and right sides are now independent from each other. 

Ensure that Elevation 0 when Velocity 0 is checked during active milling jobs.

This option was added to 3D-MC as a safety feature to avoid driving the machine valves while sitting stationary.

This feature, when checked, requires machine movement of at least 1 foot per minute in order to make a correction.