MAGNET Construct

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iOS and Android app for GNSS receivers and robotic total stations

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Mobile app for your field instruments

MAGNET Construct is a cloud-connected, field-controller software for positioning layout and as-built applications utilising robotic total stations and GNSS devices. This mobile app provides a streamlined workflow with graphical, real-time positioning to any point, line, surface or feature at your project site. You can use either a Topcon ruggedised controller or a mobile device.

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS handheld devices
  • Built to control robotic total stations and GNSS receivers
  • Simple, easy-to-use visual interface
  • Capable of basic layout and advanced construction applications
  • Able to change language and terminology in seconds
  • Option to combine optical and GNSS survey (hybrid) for efficient data collection
  • MAGNET Enterprise connectivity


Smart glasses will change the way you work

MAGNET Vision, an optional add-on to MAGNET Construct, provides visual aids on smart glass lenses and controls instruments via voice commands. Precisely lay out and measure points on a job site with hands-free commands to increase productivity with and worker safety. The system utilises third-party smart glasses from Vizux Blade.

Available for download from the Google Play or Apple store with subscription license activation by a Topcon dealer.

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