Pocket 3D: Sitelink 3D Functionality

This guide goes over the Sitelink3D features inside of Pocket3D.

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Pocket 3D: Sitelink 3D Functionality

The Sitelink menu is located in the Setup tab.

Network Connection

  • Server name/port: Press the wrench icon to change the IP and port of the site you want to connect to.
  • Site ID: Displays the name of the site currently connected to.
  • Timeout (secs): The amount of time without a response from the server to disconnect from it. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • Machine ID: Displays current machine builder name. This is the name other Sitelink clients will see when trying to message or send a file.
  • Status: Shows server connection status.
  • Registration: Input the one time registration key generated on www.sitelink3d.net.


  • Operator names can be added on Sitlink3d.net and selected here.


  • Activites can be added on Sitelink3d.net and selected here.


  • Delay reasons can be added on Sitelink3d.net and selected here.


  • Materials can be added on Sitelink3d.net and selected here.

View Messages

  • You can view all messages received from other clients.
  • You can reply, delete, or create new messages from this screen as well.

New Message

  • To: Displays a list of online clients you can send a message to.
  • Type the message and press OK to send.

Delete Message(s)

  • This will delete all the messages that have been received by Pocket3D

Send Any File

  • Send: Press the ellipsis (...) to bring up a file broswer and navigate to file file you wish to send.
  • Name: Displays the name of the file being sent.
  • To: Select any client you wish to send the file to. Online clients will receive it immediately. Offline clients will receive it next time they log on.
  • OK: Sends the file.


  • The Tasks tab shows an overview of tasks assigned to a client. The user can select which task is being worked on.
  • The Status tab shows the progress of the task being worked on.
  • The Map tab shows the region assigned to a task.
  • Tasks are set up on Sitelink3d.net.