Sitelink 3D: Creating Regions

This guide covers the different ways to make regions for Sitelink3D

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Sitelink 3D: Creating Regions

Creating Regions:

  • Regions are critical to getting accurate and specific reporting in Sitelink3D Enterprise.
  • There are three ways to create regions:

Creating Regions From

  • Go to the Project File page.
  • Click on the Regions button in the top left corner of the map.
  • Press the green + button to begin adding a region.
  • Click on the map to begin drawing vertices of the polygonal shape of the region you wish to create.
  • You will see transparent dots in between each vertex. You can click on these to add an additional point in the region to refine the shape without having to restart the drawing.
  • To finish the region, click on the first point and the region will close.
  • You can then edit the region name, type and color.
  • Press OK.
  • Repeat this process for any additional regions required.
  • Press the blue floppy disk icon to save the region changes before exiting.
  • Regions on can be edited on the fly at any time from the website. The clients connected in the field will automatically receive these changes if they are made and connected to the server.

Creating Regions in 3D-Office:

  • Go to Project > Layers and Selection Management
  • Create a new layer for each region you want to add.
  • Create a closed polyline for the region you want.
  • Right click on the polygon and select Create region from polygon..
  • The Regions menu will pop up and you can edit the new region properties.
  • You may also perform this process by creating a polygon and adding it to a unique layer, then create a region from Project > Regions and choose the unique layer for that region in the properties.
  • Save to *.TP3 and upload it to
  • You will now see a Regions section labeled TP3.
  • These are the regions created in the design files. They can only be edited through the design file, not on the website.

Creating Regions in MAGNET 3D Exchange:

This process is nearly identical to creating regions in 3D-Office.

  • Create a unique layer.
  • Insert a polygon area.
  • Right-click on the polygon and select Create region from polygon.
  • Go to Cloud Connecitons > Regions.
  • Edit the newly created region properties.