MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Charts

Configuring Project Charts within MAGNET Enterprise's Project Manager

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MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Charts


Project Charts are a graphical representation of the project status and health. Currently Project Manager will generate and display three types of charts.

  • Cost
  • % Complete
  • Burndown

Cost Chart

The Cost Chart is a vertical bar chart that compares the estimate for each task to the actual cost to date for that task. The estimate is taken from the active proposal and the cost is based on time charged to the task and the charge rate for the task. For example, if a task has a charge rate of $1000/day and 2 days of work have been charged to the task, the cost will be $2000.

% Complete Chart

The % Complete Chart is a horizontal bar chart that shows the % Complete for each task. The % Complete for each task is taken from the last submitted Timecard.

Burndown Chart

The Burndown Chart gives you an indication of how well your project is tracking relative to the estimate. % Complete is plotted on the y-axis and Days are plotted on the x-axis.

The “Estimated” line is taken from the active project proposal. It is a diagonal line from top left to bottom right. It starts at 0 Days, 0% Complete and intersects the x-axis at the total number of days estimated to complete the project.

The “Completed” line is plotted from submitted timecards and indicates if the project is behind schedule or ahead of schedule. If the “Completed” line is below the “Estimated” line the project is ahead of schedule. If it is above the “Estimated” line the project is behind schedule.

The “Projected” line is a best fit line through the “Completed” data points. It intersects the x-axis at the number of days projected to complete the project at the current rate of production.