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Infrastructure projects need GNSS correction services

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Topnet Live is a global GNSS correction service that delivers positioning data to surveyors and construction teams whose projects use satellite positioning. Roving surveyors and construction workers, along with heavy construction equipment with satellite navigation systems, use this service for high-accuracy applications such as field surveys, jobsite layout, earthworks, paving, and as-built reporting.

Why are GNSS correction services needed in construction and survey?

GNSS receivers must compensate for inaccuracies related to satellite constellations and atmospheric conditions. If these signals are not corrected, position calibration can be off by several metres - causing construction clashes, rework, safety risks, or even property disputes.

Full-constellation service

The Topcon reference station network uses five GNSS satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou. This ensures the best global coverage, accuracy, and reliability.

What are RTK and PPP, and why do they matter?

RTK (Real-Time Kinematic positioning)

Realpoint uses a network of regional reference stations to enhance satellite positioning data. Start-up time is nearly instant when in range of the network.

Constant coverage

SkyBridge provides seamless PPP infill support in areas where RTK coverage is limited.

PPP (Precise Point Positioning)

Starpoint Pro calculates positions at the centimetre level using a single receiver in a global reference framework. It has a slower start-up speed, but provides service anywhere on the planet, independent of local networks.

Topnet Live service options

Choose RTK, PPP, or bridge both with borderless service that automatically switches between regional GNSS reference networks. Several subscriptions are available on the Topnet Live website.


Provides network RTK accuracy and a quick start-up time where Topnet Live is available


RTK via cellular network

Correction type / delivery



2 cm



Initialisation time


Supported field software


Provides and maintains positional accuracy when RTK services are interrupted


Corrections via satellite

Correction type / delivery

Regional or local


Infill for RTK


Automatically activates when
RTK signal is lost

Initialisation time


Supported field software

Starpoint Pro

Provides PPP service anywhere on the planet, independent of local


Corrections via satellite

Correction type / delivery

PPP via L-Band or NTRIP


3-6 cm



Initialisation time


Supported field software

What's your application?

Learn about GNSS receivers and machine control systems that work with Topnet Live.

Use Topnet Live with a rover

Use it with machine control

Learn more about why you can trust Topnet Live

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