CL-20 cloud connectivity device

Simple connectivity, one device

X Family connectivity or seamlessly transfer data from many third party consoles to TAP.

Product Info

Connecting data made easy

Designed to interface with Topcon X-Family (XD, XD+, X25, X35, X30) or with many in-cab consoles across the agriculture industry, the CL-20 cloud connectivity device provides streamlined data transfer via cellular-network to the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP). TAP is our farm management ecosystem, offering universal data organization and visualization for actionable insights across the crop cycle.

For the current line-up of X-Consoles (XD, XD+, X25, X35), the CL-20 enables automatic data sync, remote support, and file transfer back to the machine – completely automating the data workflow. It is also suitable to provide NTRIP corrections via Topcon console and receiver.

For 3rd party and Topcon legacy X30 consoles, connected through USB for simple setup, the CL-20 enables streamlined transfer to TAP. It provides users an efficient method to organize and manage key task data in a single platform.


Data organization, visualization and task management.




Remote Support


Fields features plus automated data transfer and fleet tracking.




Remote Support

Automatic Sync Fleet

Cloudlynk cloud connectivity device required.


Layer all field data for agronomic insights. Visualize and decide.


Organize operations and tasks in customizable widgets.


Efficiently cleanse, organize, and share nearly all data formats.

Remote Support

Complete direct support in-cab for Topcon consoles.

Automatic Sync

Automatically uploads and syncs all in-cab and office data to TAP. Topcon display required.


GNSS Position Correction Service Access

The CL-20 provides RTK correction service access via NTRIP to Topcon consoles and receivers.

RTK NTRIP unlocked in TAP Pro and TAP Fleet subscriptions. Also sold as dedicated unlock “Cloudlynk Activation.” RTK radio sold separately.

Consider wise guidance

Topcon brings guidance solutions with decades worth of development, including proven autosteering for nearly any agricultural machine. Explore the range of GNSS receivers, controllers, corrections services, high-quality displays and easy-to-use operating software for a tailored fit.

Take control of farm data

The Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) is an easy-to-use tool to organize, visualize and make better farm management decisions based on data from across the entire farming operation. It’s all about constant connectivity, any data format, clear visualization, and secure sharing.

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