Aerial Inspection and Mapping

See and capture the bird's-eye view

Aerial and mapping software for reality capture workflows

Go high, far and wide

Transform your reality capture datasets – small or large – into intelligent insights that support effective business processes and enhance your team’s collaboration.

MAGNET Collage Web
MAGNET Collage Web

Cloud platform to publish and share 3D reality capture data
MAGNET Collage
MAGNET Collage

Process, combine and analyze 3D point clouds from multiple sensors

MAGNET Office for survey and construction

Insights & Testimonials

Making a Run for It

Establishing benchmarks, perhaps one of the most valuable, yet understated, services a...

Smart Inspection at the White Mountain Sand Mine

Quartz sand is the most important raw material for the glass industry. The Biala Góra mine in...

Boosting productivity and limiting mistakes with intelligent workflow...

Lockdowns, travel restrictions and site closures due to Covid-19, have led to delays on...

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