Boosting productivity and limiting mistakes with intelligent workflow solutions

Lockdowns, travel restrictions and site closures due to Covid-19, have led to delays on projects globally, threatening economic growth and much needed improvements to infrastructure. This is particularly problematic for vertical construction sites, which are typically large-scale projects that require a high volume of resource, planning and, now, social distancing. This means that meeting deadlines and maximizing productivity, all while using a reduced workforce, is making projects more challenging than ever before.

A connected workflow that promotes enhanced communication, improved efficiencies and boosted productivity is therefore a necessity for all vertical construction sites going forward, especially as we look at accelerating economic recovery across the industry. At Intergeo 2020 last week, we took a closer look at the importance of these workflow management solutions.

The challenges of building upwards

As well as the new restrictions construction sites face, vertical construction presents challenges of its own. For example, building upwards requires time-intensive design and planning to ensure the creation of a stable and safe structure, and then extra resource is needed to make sure project delivery teams are following the intricate design correctly - meaning regular verification of the as-built form is critical. Therefore, optimising technology available to facilitate this is invaluable. Intuitive workflows can provide a complete record and validation of work, as well as detailing any information on deviations. This means costly rework can be avoided and risks to budgets and schedules can be reduced, which is especially important given current economic circumstances.

The power of instant data

Investing in construction verification technology not only limits reworking costs and mistakes, but it also means that construction companies no longer need to outsource the work to third parties. This shift in responsibility means that scans can take place as frequently as needed, and that results are accurate and reliable, as the data is available to those who need it almost instantly. Workflow technology such as MAGNET software ensures all of the solutions being used are working from the same data meaning that all stakeholders have access to the same information, as well as reports, in near-real time. With this full project connectivity at your fingertips, collaboration and communication on site can be revolutionised.

Transformative technology on site doesn’t just end at workflow tools though, products such as Topcon’s GTL-1000 and software like ClearEdge Verity, enables verification at every stage of the project, while compiling a digital image of the as-built structure. In truth, without constant validation and verification on the job-site for every part of the build, mistakes or variations that aren’t accounted for, will inevitably lead to projects being delayed and budgets being overspent. Embracing these technologies in full will help companies to deliver accurate tangible results, allowing for efficient data and workflow management. Digital transformation on site is available now and it’s key that businesses invest in these technologies in order to further their own growth and future-proof their offering.  

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