Laser Land Leveling and GNSS

Agriculture Water Management, Surface Drainage and Grading

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Increase yield through design and uniformity

Landforming technology manipulates soil to better compensate for environmental factors and complement crop requirements. Through planning (surveying), design, and precision execution, farmers can optimize water management, improve drainage, and even increase arable land. 

Solutions not only eliminate catastrophic issues such 
as flooding and excessive runoff, they promote even-resource distribution. Balanced inputs lead to uniform emergence and development, maximizing available water and reducing applications later down the crop cycle. Symmetry enables higher yields and reduced inputs.


Suited for nearly all crops and many niche applications

Commodity Crops

Specialty Crops


Laser Land Leveling

From basic flat to single-slope, Topcon Laser Land Leveling provides proven automatic single scraper implement control, leveling to a defined elevation. The solution is ideal for smaller, more economical operations and basic applications including flat-plane crops and building foundations.

GNSS Landforming

From basic flat and single-slope surfaces to advanced multi- and variable slope designs, Topcon GNSS Landforming offers fully customizable water management control. Comprising three key phases: survey, design,
and execution, the solution can suit virtually any crop operation plus many niche applications, including ponds, building foundations and roads.


Why Topcon Landforming?

It’s no mystery that water is essential to every farming operation. Research indicates field drainage has the greatest impact on yield relative to any other factor. It boils down to distribution uniformity, because crops require adequate and equal resources to thrive.

With global uncertainty in allocation, not to mention constant environmental and even political factors, farmers need proven solutions that maximize inputs and land sustainably. Landforming is the practice of manipulating soil to optimize water management and drainage. Modern solutions utilizing laser and GNSS (aka GPS) conform land to best suit operational demands. Technology is the foundation for an effective precision management strategy, from basic flat and single to advanced multi and variable-slope surfaces.

Guidance and Autosteering

Guidance is the key to accuracy and the heart of precision farming. We offer modular solutions to suit virtually any machine and operation. Each farming operation may have differing accuracy requirements, which is why we offer a full range of correction services via Topnet Live network corrections or localized base stations. Whatever the application, choose flexible options to form the right solution for optimal reception, accuracy, 
and repeatability.

Fleet Management

Monitor and manage machines through TAP Fleet and CL-55 cloud connectivity device telematics. Beyond a powerful landforming solution to optimize water management, We can help track the benefits too.

Use Case:
Louisiana Contractor Reaps 
the Reward of GNSS

David Bader has been on the front lines of precision landforming and construction sitework for decades. Successful with laser technology in the early 2000s, he needed a way to better scale his services and guarantee reliable results through long working hours.

The Solution - Topcon GNSS Landforming

  • Improved organization – All software consolidated into one PC
  • Improved efficiency; design software reduced overall passes
  • Reduced fuel and machine maintenance through design
  • Maintained fertility by moving less soil
  • Reduced worker fatigue with more reliable output

You can find more information in our eBook for Landforming.

Landforming is perfect for:


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