3D-MC: Basic Training - File Menu (Control - Projections) 

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3D-MC: Basic Training - File Menu (Control - Projections) 


  • The following information will cover the available options when using State Plane Coordinates and Projections on your Topcon 3D system.  This information was created for software version 3D-MC and 3DMC Max.  


Access Control menu

  • To access the Coord system option to work with State Plane coordinates select Control then the Coords tab.


Coord System Options

  • Under the Coords tab the operator can select the type of coordinate system they will be working with.
  • Local cords only is when running the 3D system from a total station (LPS) and a GPS localization is not required.
  • GPS localization (GPS>Local) is used when running a 3D system with GPS.
  • Known projection/datum is used if the project is running on a projection. 
  • Information for LPS and Projections will be covered in additional lessons.


Known Projection/Datum

  • When working on jobs in State Plane Coordinates the operator will need to change from using GPS localization to Known projection/datum.


  • Begin by selecting the Known projection/datum selection under the Coord system tab.


  • Next select you location from the Projection tab.


  • In this example we’ve selected Zone 5 in California.  Stat the Base station on a known state plan monument.  No localization is required when working with Projections.


  • The NO_TRANS option is typically used when receiving corrections from a Topcon Reference Station.


Use Geoid Model

  • When using a geoid model download the .bin file from the NGS website https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/GEOID/ and use Topcon tools to create the .GFF file.  Load the .GFF file in the 3DMC folder and the .GFF files will be available to select from the pull down.