3D-MC: Basic Training - View Menu (Left/Right Window)

How to customize the view options of the left and right windows. Check out this guide to see what features are available. 

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3D-MC: Basic Training - View Menu (Left/Right Window)


For Versions 3D-MC 12.05.37 and 3Dmax 12.07.15

  • The left and right window options allow the operator to set sub views on the main screen. 
  • The left window options include:
    • Profile view,
    • Section view
    • Cut/fill grade indicator tape
    • 3D view. 
  • The right window option is grade indicator only.
  • All shortcuts previously described for the Profile and Section view are active in the additional views.  

Grade Indicator

The grade indicator option displays the amount of cut or fill in a color coded tape.  As the blade is raised or lowered, the tape moves accordingly, displaying the amount of space the blade needs to be raised/lowered to place the corresponding side to the design grade.

  • The Grade indicator display tape is fully configurable. Touching the grade indicator tape displays additional setup options.  The Grade display option allows the operator to choose the area from which the grade information originates.
  • At left edge: displays cut/fill information at the end of the cutting edge. 
  • In from edge: allows the operator to select a point a certain distance from the edge.
  • At the left edge: is the default selection.  The cut/fill display tape works identically for the right window.
  • The On-grade option allows the operator to set the green on-grade portion on the cut/fill tape.
    •  In this example, the green on-grade portion is set to two tenths.  The units for the cut/fill tape are set under the display options.
  • The Extents option allows the operator to define the scaling of the cut/fill tape.  In this example the extents have been set to three feet.  As a result, the overall amount of cut fill visible on the cut/fill tape is a 1.5‘ above and a 1.5’ below grade.
  • The Invert color option inverts the cut/fill colors on the grade tape.
    • The default is red; top being cut
    • Blue—on the bottom; being filled