3D-MC: Twin Antenna Alignment Slope Calibration

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3D-MC: Twin Antenna Alignment Slope Calibration


Twin Antenna Alignment is performed on Dozers and Graders with Twin Antenna option:

  • From 3D-MC Plan view on the control box select the Topcon Icon
  • Select Control Tab to navigate to Antenna Alignment
  • Select Antenna alignment for calibration menu


Twin Antenna Alignment Menu

From steps shown above:

Twin Antenna Slope Calibration

  • Rotate the blade to 0 degrees 
  • Position pole vertical so the two antennas are level (zero slope)
  • Select Zero, Antenna Slope button
  • Antenna Slope calibration completed


Twin Antenna Alignment Calibration

  • Blade at zero rotation, align antennas front to back 
  • Set Index Ring lock in keyway 
  • Drive the machine in a straight line to establish Machine Orientation
  • Press  Antenna Orientation Match button.


Twin Antenna Alignment Calibration

  • Antenna orientation now matches the Machine orientation 
  • Press OK to return to the Main Screen
  • Twin Antenna Alignment completed