Autodesk ReCap 360 Photo: Basic workflow

Autodesk ReCap 360 Photo is a cloud-based photogrammetry solution which is...

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Autodesk ReCap 360 Photo: Basic workflow

Basic workflow

  • Drag and drop photos from Windows Explorer
  • Or browse them from A360 Drive (Cloud storage)
  • Review photos / overview
  • Option to add and delete photos
  • Additional survey settings for adding control points and scale
  • Survey settings
  • Locate control point markers on two photos
  • Zoom into first photo and place point on marker
  • Zoom into second photo and place point on the same spot
  • Assign coordinates to point (Copy / Paste)
  • Units must be METERS!
  • Match at least 3 photos with the same point
  • Point colour will turn green
  • Add more control points (right click will populate another point number)
  • Click on point next to photo to use existing point number
  • Click on settings
  • Optional: Set scale
  • Stitch two known points on at least 3 photos
  • Click set scale
  • Click on the two points
  • Enter known distance
  • Click on settings
  • Enter project name
  • Select Ultra mode (5 credits)
  • Specify production settings
  • Specify output formats
  • Click create
  • Photos will be uploaded
  • Model creation will be processed in the cloud
  • Email notification when project is finished


  • ReCap 360 web viewer
  • 3D view
  • ReCap 360 web viewer
  • Map view
  • ReCap 360 desktop version
  • Download *.rcs file
  • Elevation mode