FC-5000 and FC-6000: Tablet mode in Windows 10

This article provides a review of tablet mode in Windows and instructions to use desktop mode when using Topcon software.

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FC-5000 and FC-6000: Tablet mode in Windows 10

Tablet mode

In Windows 10, the FC-5000 and FC-6000 controllers automatically enable tablet mode, a tile-based touchscreen-friendly user interface. Tablet mode is unlike desktop mode on Windows 10, and you might be more comfortable using desktop mode.

You also might use apps unavailable in the Windows Store or apps that weren’t written for Universal Windows Platform, a programming tool for apps that work throughout the Windows universe like on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One. (Formerly, it was called Metro.) Tablet mode can exacerbate third-party app compatibility issues because some software apps aren’t optimized for work on a 7-inch touchscreen.

Windows 10 enables tablet mode by default. In addition, restarting your device will re-enable tablet mode if it was powered off in desktop mode.

MAGNET software

MAGNET software and other Topcon software, such as Pocket 3D, should ALWAYS be run in desktop mode.

Using tablet mode can cause display and performance issues and is not recomended.

Disable tablet mode on Windows 10

If you want to disable tablet mode to avoid potential problems, follow these steps.

Go to Start > Settings > System > Tablet mode. This menu allows you to change several options. Select Use desktop mode from the When I sign in drop-down menu.

Switching between tablet and desktop mode in the Windows Action Center

If you want to be able to switch between tablet and desktop mode, you can temporarily disable tablet mode. 

Swipe from the right edge of the display, tapping Expand if needed, and then select Tablet mode to change it from blue to gray.

Note: If this option is chosen, make sure to switch back to desktop mode before opening MAGNET or Pocket 3D software.