GLS-2000: Basic Training - Scan Parameters

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GLS-2000: Basic Training - Scan Parameters

Access Scan Settings

  • Select Scan Setting button

Set Scan Area Type

  • There are two types of Scan Areas:
    • Range Setting
    • Whole Circumference
  • Select Range Setting (highlighted in red), which will display the camera view


Set Scan Area

  • Select the upper left and lower right of the object intended to be scanned.
  • Turn the GLS-2000 and use the mirror to roughly locate the two points for the area.


Set Scan Resolution

  • After setting the Scan Area, set the Resolution to 1.0in@32.8ft

Set Scan Mode

  • Select Standard in the Scan Mode drop-down

Set Pulse Select

  • Set Pulse Select to First
  • Select OK