GLS-2000: Basic Training - Startup Procedures

Initial setup steps to properly prepare GLS-2000 scanner for use. 

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GLS-2000: Basic Training - Startup Procedures

Insert Batteries

  • After setting GLS-2000 on tripod, insert batteries and SD card for storage of project
  • Turn on GLS-2000 power by pressing the green button

Name Scan Project

  • In the upper left corner type in the project name. There should be a new project name for each scan position
  • After typing the project name, touch Ent located in the lower right corner of the on-screen keyboard that pops up


Access Tilt Settings

  • Next, touch the Tilt Settings button on the right side of the Home screen.

Use Laser Plummet

  • Turn on the laser plummet button on the right side.
  • The laser will turn on and the red dot below the GLS-2000 will be displayed.
  • Level instrument over point.
  • Touch OK to return to the Home screen.



Access Prism Settings

  • To use a backsight prism and identify your model accurately, access the EDM Settings menu
  • Select Config
  • Select Prism

Set Prism Type

  • Set the prism offset to the value that is used for the backsight prism.
  • For example:
    • Standard Prism: -30mm offset
    • A6 Prism: 0mm offset
    • A7 Prism: -2mm offset
    • ATP1 Prism:  -7mm offset
  • Touch OK when done.


Access Camera Settings

  • Touch camera settings button

Configure Camera Settings

  • Configure camera settings
  • For example:
    • Wide – 170º Field of view (Fish Eye)
    • Tele – 8.9º(V)x11.9º(H) internal camera
    • Off
  • Select the Wide option.
  • Set Resolution to High60deg
  • Set Exposure to Auto.
  • Touch OK when finished