GR-5: How to download raw files from the receiver's SD card

This guide shows you the steps for downloading *.TPS files from a GR-5 removable SD card. 

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GR-5: How to download raw files from the receiver's SD card

Downloading MAGNET Office

Log onto myTopcon and search MAGNET Office.

Click on any MAGNET Office product. This example uses MAGNET Construction.

You do not need to purchase a MAGNET Office or MAGNET Tools license for this.


Once downloaded, click on the small arrow next to the download name, and click Show in folder.

To unzip the file, right-click on the file, and select Extract All.

Right-click on the MAGNET Office installer, and select Run as administrator.

Click Next until you reach the Select Features screen.

Check the box next to Windows Explorer AddOns.

These addons will allow your PC to read files from Topcon and Sokkia hardware.

By default, this will also automatically install MAGNET Tools, but you do not need to purchase a license for it.

Click Next. Allow pending installations such as Microsoft Visual C++ 20XX Runtime (x64) to install.

Once the install is complete, click Finish, and restart your computer.

Make sure the GR-5/GR-5+ is off. Remove the SD card from the GR-5/GR-5+ and insert it into your PC.

A message will appear asking to format the SD card. Click Cancel

Do not format the SD card as doing so will result in data loss.

Double-click on Topcon Memory Cards.

Double-click on the SD card (This example shows drive E:).

Double-click on the SD card icon.

A progress bar will appear with the words Mounting… on top.

Wait for the progress bar to complete.

Once the SD card is mounted, you should be able to see the files recorded on the GR-5/GR-5+.

Right-click on the file and select Copy. Go to the desired directory, right-click or use CTRL+V to paste the file.