GT Series: Setting units in the LPS instrument

Unit settings for LPS

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GT Series: Setting units in the LPS instrument

To start the process, you must run the LPS_Setup program on the GT.

If this icon does not appear on your instrument, refer to the article for enabling LPS on your GT total station.

When you run the LPS_Setup program, you should see buttons for the following:

  • Setup File
  • Setup Units
  • Station Setup Wizard
  • Start LPS Control

Tap on the Setup Units button to proceed.

Change any settings as needed for your project.  Options include:

  • Distances: Units distances are shown in.
  • Decimal Places: How many decimal places are shown to the user
  • Angles: Method angles are displayed to the user 
  • Coords: How coordinates are read by the system.

Distances and Coords will be most important.  If a job file is in meters, but the gun is set to feet, there may be accuracy issues.

Likewise, if the coordinates are set to North-East-Elev, but are actually arranged East-North-Elev in the control point file, you will likely see accuracy issues.

**NOTE** While North-East-Elev (NEZ) coordinates are fairly common, some CAD programs will export by default in East-North-Elev (ENZ) format.