GX-55 / GX-75: Soft Keys

Learn how the GX-55/GX-75 soft keys can be used.

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GX-55 / GX-75: Soft Keys

GX-55/GX-75 Soft Keys Functions

  • The zoom in button  +  and zoom out button  -  will adjust the for the main display only.  If using additional sub views, each sub view will be equipped with its own view buttons.
  • The view toggle button  > will cycle the main display through the available view options.
    • Plan View
    • Section View
    • Profile View
  • When using the view toggle button, any sub views setup will remain allowing the user to setup specific views for different applications

GX-55/GX-75 View Toggle (Advanced Menu Options)

  • Holding the view toggle button ( > ) for 3 seconds will bring up the GX advanced menu options.
    • Settings: 
    • Power:
    • Process:
    • Status:
    • Version:
  • Use the slider bars on the Settings tab to make adjustments to the following options:
    • LED Brightness
    • Display Backlight
    • Display Contrast 
    • Display Volume
    • Return 
  • It is not recommended to use the optional power setting when running 3D-MC.
    • Suspend
      • Places the control box in a state of hibernation
    • Shut down
      • Shuts the control box off 
    • Restart
      • Starts a process of power cycling the control box
  • The Process tab will display programs that are actively running (Task Manager)
    • End Process
      • To shut of one of the current programs select the program from the list and select the End Process button
  • The Status tab will display additional system information showing the health of the system
    • Reset
      • The Reset button will clear all values
  • The Version tab will display the OS version and system Boot Loader version