HiPer HR: Firmware Upload via Vanguard Web

Uploading Firmware to HiPer HR using Web Interface

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HiPer HR: Firmware Upload via Vanguard Web

Vanguard Web: Web Interface

  • The HiPer HR receiver includes a built-in Web server, called Vanguard Web, that allows you to configure and monitor the receiver with a Web browser.
  • This quick guide shows how Vanguard Web can be used to load firmware.

Preparing WiFi connection

  • Connect to Receiver with TRU in Receiver Managing Mode
  • Bluetooth connection for this task is sufficient
  • Click on [Receiver Settings]
  • Click on [Network]
  • Open the Wi-Fi tab
  • Change the Mode to Access Point
  • Remember SSID, Password and IP Address
  • Click [OK]
  • To remember/use SSID, PW and IP, later user can reopen the Wi-Fi tab

Connecting to Receiver via Vanguard Web

  • The Wi-Fi modem starts up within a few seconds
  • With the PC, user should be able to detect and connect to HiPer HR’s Wi-Fi network
  • Connect to HiPer HR using the password shown/set with TRU
  • Open a browser and connect using the link: (IP address depends on user's HiPer HR)
  • Username and password can be found/set with TRU: Receiver Settings/Network/HTTP-tab

Starting Firmware Loading Process

  • Connected via Vanguard Web: Main page gives user further options
  • Click on [Firmware Options]
  • Make sure, while loading power board firmware, the original external power supply has to be connected to HiPer HR (5A output current)
  • In other cases, make sure the batteries are fully charged, however, using external power supply is always recommended
  • Click on [Update Firmware]


  • Choose the *.tar or *.tfi to load (do not extract *.tar or *.tfi)
  • Click [Open]
  • The receiver now starts to load chosen firmware update process
  • Power board firmware loading can take up to 25 minutes, leave the receiver untouched until it is returned back (power key LED is solid green, all other LED act as usual)