LPS: Connecting the Total Station to 3D-MC (LongLink)

How to configure the connection between the LPS instrument and 3D-MC using LongLink BlueTooth.

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LPS: Connecting the Total Station to 3D-MC (LongLink)

Finding the Bluetooth address on the instrument

To connect an LPS instrument to 3D-MC with LongLink, you will need to find the MAC address (BD ADDR) of the instrument.  This 12-character ID is unique to each instrument and must be entered into the 3D-MC machine builder.

  • To find the instrument's Bluetooth address, you will need to navigate to the Comms screen of the instrument.
  • For this example, a GT total station is being used.  To find the Comms menu on the GT, go to Config > 4. Comms > 4. Bluetooth
  • In the Bluetooth menu, tap on the blue Info button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This should give you the MAC address (BD ADDR).  Make note of this code exactly as it appears on the instrument.

Entering the Bluetooth address in 3D-MC

  • Once you have the BD ADDR, you will need to enter that address into the machine builder in 3D-MC.
  • In 3D-MC, edit the machine builder for the LPS machine by going to Control > Machine Setup
  • Highlight the machine builder and tap the Edit button.
  • Navigate to the LPS Connection screen and enter the BD ADDR MAC address.
  • No Passkey is typically required, so leave it at 0000.
  • Hit Next until the machine builder is finished.
  • The instrument should connect.
  • If the instrument does not connect within 10-15 seconds, ensure Bluetooth comm settings of the instrument are correct and the MAC address was correctly entered in 3D-MC.