MAGNET Collage: Create a TIN

TINs (Triangular Irregular Network) can be generated from selected clouds

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MAGNET Collage: Create a TIN


Before using this functions, it is required that a Model project has been created and that point cloud(s) have been imported to this model.

It is impossible to create TINs in the following conditions:

  • Importing point clouds into a model project whose coordinate system is ECEF (Earth-Centered, Earth-Fixed)

  • Selecting more than one point cloud with different coordinate systems

  • The number of selected points is fewer than 3.

Point cloud Selection

Select the points from the point clouds using the available cloud selection tools:

  • Rectangle

  • Polygon

  • All

  • Invert

Create TIN

  • Once selection is made, two ways to create a new TIN are available:
    • Right-click TIN folder in Model Project on Workspace, then select "Create TIN"
    • Select Tools on the top Ribbon, and the click "TIN"
  • Select the ground sampling distance and also Surface Policy (Low, High, Average, Most central)
  • Click Start to generate the TIN

TIN color range

  • It is possible to set a specific color range for TINs. There are two ways to display the Color Range window:
    • Right click on the Model Project in Workspace window, select Edit Color Range

    • Select Edit tab on the Ribbon and then click Color Range

  • Chose TIN in the drop down list in Target.
  • Adjust the color range, either by using the slide bars or typing specific values.


Export TIN

To output a generated TIN from MAGNET Collage:

  1. Select the target TIN in the Workspace window
  2. Click Export in the Edit tab on the top Ribbon or Right-click on the TIN and select Export.
  3. Set the destination path
  4. Set the data format
  5. Set the coordinate system
  6. Set units
  7. Execute data output